Published by Quirk Publishing

Unselected starNight of the Living Trekkies

La Nuit des Star Trekkers |


  • 320 pages
  • 5 x 8 inches
  • 1 color
  • Paperback

Published by Quirk Publishing

Book description

Night of the Living Trekkies By It’s a zombie apocalypse and only one thing matters: What would Captain Kirk do? Just as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies blended monster mayhem with the world of regency romance, Night of the Living Trekkies mixes a zombie apocalypse with the enduring mythology of Star Trek. Our story follows a rag-tag group of “Trekkies” en route to an annual Star Trek convention. Arriving with homemade uniforms, glued-on prosthetics, and plastic phasers, these fanboys know more than any rational adult should know about Kirk, Spock, Next Generation, particle physics, and black holes. But when aliens release a zombie plague upon the Earth, all of this “Starfleet training” suddenly becomes a lot more relevant. Our fanboys find themselves trapped in the Botany Bay Hotel and Convention Center—and desperate to escape. And one reluctant fan will discover his inner Trekkie, rise up, and take command of the crew. Fast, funny, and loaded with countless references to Star Trek, geek culture, and science fiction conventions, Night of the Living Trekkies will appeal to anyone who enjoys science fiction, horror, and the comic scene. $14.95