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Shit Gardens! Yes, There Is Actually a Book on Shitty Gardens and Knock Knock Has Created It!

H ave a laugh as you jump into the world of shit gardens: all more extraordinary and surprising than the one before! Gardens made only of topiary, or of overbearing fountains, or with so many statues and cement constructions that you could think could fit in a tiny space. Th...

11/30/17 2:00 am

Join the Fad and SURF!

Join the fad and Indi & learn how to surf! Indi Surfs is a great and beautiful picture book for those waves addicts!                             Indi Surfs ...

11/27/17 2:00 am

Sex Sells: Wouldn't You Say?

Sex Sells: Wouldn't You Say? Well those Sexy vouchers certainly do! For the last 6 years, we've been reprinting on a yearly basis for Larousse the For Lovers and For Naughty Lovers Vouchers, approaching now the 100,000 copies mark! And check out the creativit...

11/23/17 2:00 am

After Mrs Peregrine, Pride Prejudice and Zombies, Horrorstör & The Last Policeman, Discover Quirk's Latest Fiction Creation!

Imagine 40 Shades of Grey meets Jane Eyre, but presented as a Choose Your Own Adventure and you have Quirk's latest crazy invention: My Lady's Choosing !                               &nbs...

11/20/17 2:00 am

Are You a Father? Do You Have Questions? You Won't Have Anymore About Baby Thanks to My Father's First Year (Snor!)!

Fathers' First Year By Gerard Janssen ,  Job. Joris en Marieke watch the trailer The brain development of new-borns is remarkable. And also the brains of a young mother are changing. Young babies are observing, abso...

11/16/17 2:00 am

Are We There Yet???? Have a Good Laugh at Children's Answers to their Favorite Questions! It's Worth It!

Are we there Yet? Should I eat more sugar?                                                      Should I do my homework? Should I tidy my room? ...

11/13/17 2:00 am

Amazon Picks 3 of Quirk Titles for its Best of the Year List!

     Amazon’s Best of the Year was announced this morning and the Amazon team at PRHPS was quick to share that Quirk has received three category picks: Best Children’s Books of 2017 Ages Baby-2  Let’s Find Momo! by Andrew Knapp...

11/09/17 2:00 am

I Love the Illustrations of Teo Muchos Dedos, and You?

Teo Muchosdedos By Pere Ginard ,  Catalina González Vilar Teo Manyfingers has as many fingers as you and I do, but he moves them in such a skilful way that he creates wonders. Teo Muanyfingers is not particularly clever, h...

11/06/17 2:00 am

I Checked Out the SnorFabriek and I Loved it!

I just went to Utrecht and visited Snor and their amazing Fabriek: So Fun!!! Flow Magazine also has a greenhouse office there. Summary of my visit in photos :-)      

11/01/17 2:39 pm

Discover Historia de Todos: 9 Stories from Northern Peru (A Buen Paso)

Historia de Todos By Héctor Gómez Navarro ,  In Hristova Nine tales to talk about Everybody’s story, and of all the people who surround him or who cross their path with him, this peculiar character called Eve...

10/26/17 4:00 am

Flip Your Way to Inner Peace with the Desktop Inspiration Generator (Knock Knock)

Desktop Inspiration Generator Flip your way to inner peace with this thought-provoking (and amusing) easel! Over 124,999 combinations More magic from Affirmators! creator Suzi Barrett Don’t like the message the universe ha...

10/23/17 4:00 am

A Buen Paso Proposes One Postcard per Month with Postales Para un Año! Lovely!

  Postales para un año By Anna Castagnoli ,  Giusi Quarenghi   Twelve months, four seasons to tell the power of nature throughout the year. To exchange messages and impressions, receive s...

10/19/17 4:00 am

Manfriend the Cat: the World of Men as Seen by a Cat!

Manfried the Man By Caitlin Major ,  Kelly Bastow In the world of Manfried the Man, the roles of cats and humans are reversed: humanoid cats are in charge, while tiny, dim-witted, lovable little people are ke...

10/16/17 4:00 am

Discover Cerdo Cerdo, the Cutest Piggy...Who Just Doesn't to be Called "Little Piggy"!

Cerdo Cerdo By Juan Arjona A true pig, a real pig, loves to hang out with his friends, jump into ponds, climb up the hill… And he really doesn’t like being called little pig. This is a sweet book where the reader will be able to follow...

10/12/17 4:00 am

Discover the Latest Additions in the Papermade Universe!

The Papermade collection now boats 10 titles   ! Discover the latest additions and Punch Out, Fold Up and Show Off! The PaperMade Collection Grows Again! by PaperMade Punch out, Fold up and Enjoy! Each delicacy punches out and folds up into a ...

10/09/17 4:00 am

Irma, Maria, Katia...Following the Destruction of these Terrible Hurricanes, How's About Meeting Sweet Dorothy?

Yes, hurricanes are extremely destructive and dangerous, but they can also bring love and a purpose in life... Discover A Buen Paso's latest title Dorothy, for a sweet version of what is happening these days of climate change. Hoping that this version could be the one happening for real ...

10/05/17 4:00 am

Pocket Birds (Snor) Is in Flow Magazine!

Snor's Pocket Birds has made it into Flow Magazine ! Pocket Book of Birds Specs 122 pages 11.5 x 15.5 inches 4 colors Paperback Rights available for... Portuguese (Europe) Portuguese (Brazil)...

10/02/17 4:00 am

Geek Out with Quirk Books!

Geek Out with Quirk Books! Most Dutch Rights Available and Limited French!

09/28/17 4:00 am

Discover A Buen Paso's Suben y Bajan: A Lovely Book on Opposites!

Suben y Bajan By Marta Comín I get puzzled in front a few things: for instance, the mountains peaks, do they go up or down? It all depends on your point of view. Some things, like ripe fruits, always go down; on the other han...

09/25/17 4:00 am

Check Out our Fall 2017 Children Rights Guide!

You can also download it  here , along with all of our clients' latest catalogues! 

09/21/17 4:00 am

Groomed! Behind-the-scenes Look Inside the Studio of a Celeb Dog Groomer, by Knock Knock!

Groomed Behind-the-scenes look inside the studio of a celeb dog groomer (and Instagram sensation) Cover blurbs from Katy Perry and Marnie the Dog! Packed with more than 100 full-color pics of doggos as they go from bath to blo...

09/19/17 12:06 pm

Discover Title #4 in the Pocket Book Series: Pocket Night Book (Snor)

Pocket Night Book By Cebine Cebine This is a book for the sleepless, night owls, nocturnal animals. In this book you’ll find beautiful illustrations in black and white by Cebine, who is fascinated by the night herself. Wit...

09/18/17 4:00 am

Bounce Back: Knock Knock Proposes a 30 Card Deck to Recover From Breakups!

The Bounce Back Stack: Breakup No matter why things ended, the post-dump slump can do a real num- ber on you. The Bounce Back Stack is here to end the pity party. Consult the thirty Challenge cards for new experiences and escape t...

09/14/17 4:00 am

Discover Titles for Fun and Fearless Feminists by Quirk!

Discover Titles for Fun and Fearless Feminists by Quirk! And of couse let me know if you'd like to receive review PDFs!

09/11/17 4:00 am

Blue Apple Books Launches New Series to Explain the Simple Facts of Life to our Youngest

This is the Bee Box  &  This is the Milk Cow    These narrative non-fiction titles explore the many ways we use honey and honeycomb and milk. Using the time-tested, cumulative-tale format of This Is the House That Jack Built, these charming stori...

09/07/17 4:00 am

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