TARGET CONSUMER: Fans of Maya Rudolph Readers of the For Your Consideration series Fans of Thirst Aid Kit Fans of female comedians and aspiring female comedians For fans of the inimitable Maya Rudolph, this illustrated collection of humorous essays and fun extras makes the case for the versatility and star power of the SNL alum, actress, and singer, from the co-host of the popular podcast Thirst Aid Kit. Maya Rudolph is a true chameleon. She can do a perfect impression of Donatella Versace on Saturday Night Live, sing like Prince in her tribute band Princess, turn a rote job as a presenter at an awards show into a viral moment, give us iconic comedy moments in movies like Bridesmaids (we'll never look at a wedding dress the same way), and make us invested in her friendships with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Kristen Wiig and her marriage to Paul Thomas Anderson. Yet in her 20-plus years in the entertainment industry, Maya hasn't won any major awards, has only appeared solo on a handful of magazine covers, and has never been given the opportunity to helm a major network show. She's an icon who hasn't received the icon treatment--and we're here to fix that. Composed of five critical essays and fun extras, For Your Consideration: Maya Rudolph makes the case for why you should care about her legendary career, from SNL to The Good Place, and consider her one of the greatest comedians of her generation. footsteps of The Rock and Keanu Reeves this book is a well-timed look at a beloved but critically underappreciated celebrities who hasn't received much--if any--literary attention. MAYA IS ALWAYS THERE!: Every since she came to national attention on Saturday Night Live, Maya has periodically appeared on our screeens, from movies to TV show to awards shows. She was the co-star of the critically-adored miniseries Forever on Amazon, part of an ensemble that reunited many SNL alums in Netflix's Wine Country, and has been nominated for two Emmys for her current guest star role as The Judge on The Good Place. She is also married to the award-winning auteur director Paul Thomas Anderson, and always does the awards circuit when he releases new films, earning raves for her daring fashion choices. PERFECT MARRIAGE OF AUTHOR AND SUBJECT: Influential and well connected culture writer (formerly of BuzzFeed) Nichole Perkins is the perfect person to write this book. As a woman of color, she'll explore the unique challenges Maya has faced as a biracial woman in Hollywood while also celebrating her major achievements in landing roles traditionally reserved for white actresses.


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