TARGET CONSUMER: Older Gen Z and younger Millennial women who enjoy young adult fiction across multiple genres Fans of smart, funny Netflix shows for teens like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and movies like Set It Up Fans of nostalgia shows still popular on streaming, like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Supernatural A smart and witty debut young adult novel with a paranormal twist about two college-aged internet friends who become IRL BFFs as they bond over pop culture and chronic illness--one has Lyme and the other is a werewolf! Priya worked hard to get into Stanford to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, but during her freshman year she starts to feel achy and foggy--and soon she can't get out of bed. A diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease forces her to put her future on hold and return home to her loving but overbearing family in southern New Jersey, where she spends her days wondering if her life will be over before it can really begin. Thank goodness she has @bigforkhands, aka Brigid, her online BFF who joins her in creating "oof ouch my bones," a chronic illness support group of smart and funny teens who exchange tips on dealing with brain fog in between rapid-fire pop culture references. Everyone knows everyone else's diagnosis, but Brigid remains noticeably mum on hers. Then Brigid disappears one day, and Priya decides to do something out of character: steal the family car and take a road trip to Brigid's house in Pennsylvania. Dying to meet her bestie IRL but worried Brigid is in the middle of a flare, Priya arrives to find a terrifying, dog-like creature has destroyed Brigid's house. The weird part? She's pretty sure that creature is a werewolf--and she's pretty sure that werewolf is Brigid. A sharply observed, hilarious, and heartwarming novel of best friendship and chronic illness, Lycanthropy explores what it means to come of age when your life gets derailed by a diagnosis--whether it's of the textbook or spellbook variety. A FRESH TAKE ON SICK LIT: This isn't your average sick lit novel! LYCANTHROPY AND OTHER CHRONIC ILLNESSES explores what it's like to live with chronic illnesses with humor, witty characters, and lots of pop culture references--and a paranormal twist that offers something new to contemporary YA and traditional werewolf stories. PERFECT FOR YOUNG MILLENNIALS AND GEN Z READERS: Like EMERGENCY CONTACT by Mary H.K. Choi, LYCANTHROPY AND OTHER CHRONIC ILLNESSES takes place at that all-important juncture between young adulthood and true adulthood, with the voice and humor of the movie GHOST WORLD, and crossover potential to readers of smart coming-of-age novels for adults like THE IDIOT by Elif Batuman. AUTHOR WRITES FROM EXPERIENCE: Debut author and pop culture writer Kristen O'Neal uses her history with celiac to create lived-in experiences that will resonate with chronic illness sufferers while also turning chronic illness into an opportunity for mystery, drama, and humor.


  • 320 pages
  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • 1 color
  • hardcover

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