AN HONEST, AGE-APPROPRIATE LOOK AT GRIEF: Andrew set out to write a picture book for children ages 3+ without invoking euphemisms or overtly spiritual language (for example, it was important to us to include the phrase "he died," rather than suggesting that Momo was somewhere else now). Especially as families process loss and death through these pandemic years, there is a growing need for grief literacy THE POWER OF A DOG'S LOVE: Andrew Knapp writes movingly about the way life is shaped by sharing it with a dog-and the void left when that dog passes away-which will resonate with dog lovers of all ages A STRIKING, PLAYFUL MIXED-MEDIA ILLUSTRATION STYLE: In Andrew's illustration debut, he uses beautiful photos from his memories with Momo, overlaid with playful illustrations in a bright color palette and style. The warmth and adventure of his happiest memories with Momo shine through, making the heavier themes more accessible for young readers. GROWING AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR BRAND: Andrew Knapp is a photographer and graphic designer who built a large following for Momo on social media, but now he adds picture book author and illustrator to his resume. His body of work grows alongside his dog family; though Momo has passed away, his forthcoming books and photography feature his two dogs Yaya (a cousin of Momo) and Boo.


  • 32 pages
  • 9 x 9 inches
  • 0 colors
  • Hardcover

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