This fully-illustrated, totally adorable book of pocket wisdom will validate your own animal impulses and convince you that these magical marsupials are pint-sized examples of living large. What is nature's most relatable animal? Why, the possum, of course: shy, awkward, resourceful, and deeply misunderstood, the possum has waddled its way into hearts and garbage cans across the nation. But did you know there's a lot the possum can teach us about working smarter, not harder, living life in the slow lane, and making the most of what we have? Learn to live your life the possum way with advice including: The difference between a weed and a flower is often a matter of taste. It’s nobody’s business what’s in your pouch. Unless you’ve got snacks in there. In which case, you should share. A bit of risk is part of life. Cross that street, but ALWAYS look both ways beforehand. Smile! Unless someone tells you to, in which case you are well within your rights to scream. This delightful book of life advice from an unexpected source will surprise, inspire, and charm you. FRESH TAKE ON POPULAR CATEGORY: This is the perfect book for readers of quirky animal humor who loved The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America, How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, Crap Taxidermy, and All My Friends Are Dead. Offbeat animal humor/inspiration books are an evengreen category, with the llama, goat, hedgehog, sloth, and pig all having had their turn in the spotlight. Possums are on the rise, but the market isn’t yet saturated, so now is the perfect time to crown the next “it” animal. SIGNIFICANT AUTHOR PLATFORM: The author is a wildlife rehabber/possum ambassador with a significant social media platform, including 1,300,000 weekly impressions on Instagram, 526,328 weekly post reach on Facebook, and a burgeoning YouTube channel. She has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Dodo, and CNN's Weekend Express. She sells possum art and merch through her three boutiques in New Orleans and her online store, and she and her rescue possums will be incredible ambassadors. SUCCESS OF POSSUMS ARE NOT CUTE: Possums Are Not Cute had a fantastic laydown and has grown slowly but steadily since then. A successful preorder campaign, a TikTok filter, a personal essay by Ally in the Huffington Post, and book events at Possumbilities in VA and the Garden District Book Shop in New Orleans have all contributed to the success of the book. An interview with Ally in the New Yorker is also set to run in the coming months. VERMINFLUENCERS TAKE OVER THE INTERNET: In recent years, the popularity of possums has exploded online, with “verminfluencers” like ItsMeSesame, Leona Lee the Opossum and Poppy the Possum and accounts like Possum Every Hour and Possumcore taking over social media. There's also been a proliferation of possum merch from indie sellers, internet meme-ery, and mainstream media coverage. ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS BY AUTHOR: The book will feature over 60 illustrations by the author in a sweet, soft watercolor style. The author is a professional artist by day and her style is recognizable to connoisseurs of her possum-themed art and merchandise.


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