An Ideal Boy is a uniquely illuminating and hugely entertaining survey of a fascinating Indian phenomenon - charts. Intended primarily as educational material, charts also act as guides to morality and offer marvellous cautionary tales. A mixture of stylised popular culture and sanctimonious pedagogy, they are a form of pre-politically correct communication that is startling to the outsider.Visually they are wonderfully unclassifiable, echoing naive art and kitsch. Bold, almost lurid in colour they present an amazingly random carnival of information often defying all logic. Despite their primary function as educational and informational aids they invariably end up communicating a glorious irreverence for what they exhort us to take seriously - knowledge.This is the first ever survey of charts, including examples going back decades as well as charts which are still produced.The three authors of this book are linked by their fascination for kitsch and popular culture.


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